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Please review the following link for critical Due Diligence and Compliance requirements that we have and MUST be met prior to any further discussions:



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We very seldom buy Dust or Nuggets and only under special conditions

In the case of bars please specify the weight for every bar

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Please be advised that as from 1st January 2010, we adhere to ICC measures with respect to the conduct of international transactions. If an ICPO is issued and the document is not honored by either the buyer or the seller, and or is issued fraudulently, we will take the appropriate legal action. The offending party will be reported to the FBI, ICC, and INTERPOL. This action is a criminal offence, help to keep our industry free from controversy and assist in removing those who flout it's laws.
This regulation came into effect on 15th November, 2008 following a meeting between the US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Interpol, US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Central Intelligence Agency.


A Gold General Trading FZC

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1 Moh'd Bin Rashid Blvd
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We prefer to receive all enquiries via email. If however you want to submit your request by fax, you can do so at our following fax numbers:

Europe, Middle East & Africa (London):
+44 20 7681 1978

N&S America (Miami):
+1 866 246 7329